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tobacco use among youth

Topic: tobacco use among youth

Part 1: For this Assignment, you create a narrated oral slide presentation and a written one-page handout to educate a population about a health risk behavior that your research has indicated impacts that population. To help you communicate clearly with your target audience, you will be expected to review and utilize relevant sections from the NIH Clear Communication website that was introduced in Module 1.

Part 2: For the second part of the Assignment, the slide presentation, transcript and handout are posted to the Discussion board for peer review.  This is an opportunity to learn from each other and give and receive feedback on what worked and what did not work so well, taking into account what you learned from the NIH Clear Communication initiative on how to effectively communicate audience-appropriate information.

  • Your presentation should be approximately 10–15 slides, not including references. Your oral narration should be approximately one minute per slide, so a 15 slide presentation should last about 15 minutes.
  • It is highly recommended that you first create your slides in PowerPoint. Once they are finalized, use the Kaltura CaptureSpace tool to record your narration. CaptureSpace is a tool that will allow you to upload your finished presentation and will record your narration (webcam optional). Refer to these detailed CaptureSpace instructions for guidance on how to install and use CaptureSpace.
  • Your one-page handout will be on this same topic, for this same audience. Handouts are an effective way to quickly and easily communicate information to people that did not attend the presentation as well for those that did attend but that want to review what they learned at a later time.  The handout may NOT be a print out of your slides onto one page. The handout must be a unique one-page document that clearly summarizes the key points of your presentation and utilizes the recommendations of the NIH Clear Communication initiative for creating effective communication materials. A handout can be created in a variety of formats using word processing or slide presentation software.

Presentation and Handout Tips:

  • Read through the NIH Clear Communication website including the sections on Health Literacy, Clear & Simple, Cultural Respect, Language Access, Plain Language, and Science, Health and Public Trust.

Note: Not all of aspects of the NIH Clear Communication initiative will be applicable to this assignment. Use those that are applicable to create a presentation and handout that will most effectively communicate with your target audience.

  • See the resources on creating effective slide presentations and copyright basics.
  • If you use any images, be sure they are public domain or your own and be aware of copyright laws. Be cognizant of slide quality and clarity. Too many pictures can clutter up slides or handout and detract from the message.
  • The transcript is important to include in case your viewers have trouble getting the narration to work. It may be simplest to write out your narration transcript first, then record your narration, and then go back and edit the narration transcript to capture what you actually said.
  • An appropriate title slide, with name, date, course and section, title, and underneath the title, a “prepared for X audience” statement
  • A slide providing key points for what the audience will learn from the presentation
  • A slide listing the important health related consequences of the behavior
  • 1–3 slides to explain the pathophysiology of one important health related consequence from the prior slide
  • 1–3 slides to explain the pathophysiology of a second important health consequence from your list
  • 1–2 slides with data on morbidity and/or mortality rates for the health consequences identified
  • 1–3 slides on prevention strategies that would be useful to your target audience
  • A slide with a final take home message
  • A final slide set with references—properly alphabetized and in APA format (Note: Use as many slides as are needed for readability.)
  • In-text citations, when needed, to show what information came from which reference (Note: References may be placed in small font at the bottom of each slide where they were used, but you still need to have the final slides with all of the listed references.)
  • A written transcript of your narration in a separate Word document also to be posted to the Discussion board.
  • A handout of the same topic in a separate Word document also to be posted to the Discussion board. The handout must include the following:
    • Same title as the presentation
    • Key points from the presentation
    • Health risk consequences
    • Prevention strategies/ A call to action
    • References, references may be on a separate page

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